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For this university project, we were given a word to create a motion graphic from - Resilience. This project follows a mushroom person, called Lance, and his mushroom pet, Ree as they go about their day, doing various self-care activities that make them happy. 

I focused on the concept of growth in this sequence, as being resilient can mean growing and nurturing yourself. The characters being mushrooms also link with this idea of growth. The other side of it is mental health, and that sometimes it's the little things that help us get through the day - watering plants, cooking, yoga or meditation - little moments of self care and doing what makes you happy.

All the assets were created and animated in Cinema 4D. For the overall visual style, I wanted to create a rustic, warm and  cozy, cottage-style loft house filled with warm lighting and lots of little bits of decor - making the house more unique and personal to the characters who live in it.

The format of this video is a 1080 x 1080px circle as it is set to be projected onto a circular dome shaped surface.


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